Saturday, August 02, 2008

Streaming Movies on a Web Page

I was at a meeting at KP with Chi-Hua Chien listening to a company called TVU Networks that enables people to set up their own Internet TV Channel. During the presentation, I was able to sign up, install, set up and start broadcasting - a 24 x 7 kiteboarding movie channel. 12 minutes, start to finish. It's to the right - on the sidebar below my profile - (either go to TVUnetworksand download the player, or if you click on the blank spot under'24x7movies' an installer will come up in 2 minutes to ask you to install it) :

Here are instructions if you want to add this to your page. Blogger allows java script on the sidebar template, but not in the posts. there is a way around this which I willpost later, that requires external javascript file hosting.

The standalone TVU player can be downloaded on TVU that will let you watch thousands of other content channels.

You can also create your own streaming channel by following the 'broadcaster' instructions on the TVU website.


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