Saturday, June 18, 2011

Testing the Mirror.Me embed code:

Go to Bill Tai's Mirror.Me Reflection

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Soon To Be Familiar Scene Unfortunately

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Streaming Movies on a Web Page

I was at a meeting at KP with Chi-Hua Chien listening to a company called TVU Networks that enables people to set up their own Internet TV Channel. During the presentation, I was able to sign up, install, set up and start broadcasting - a 24 x 7 kiteboarding movie channel. 12 minutes, start to finish. It's to the right - on the sidebar below my profile - (either go to TVUnetworksand download the player, or if you click on the blank spot under'24x7movies' an installer will come up in 2 minutes to ask you to install it) :

Here are instructions if you want to add this to your page. Blogger allows java script on the sidebar template, but not in the posts. there is a way around this which I willpost later, that requires external javascript file hosting.

The standalone TVU player can be downloaded on TVU that will let you watch thousands of other content channels.

You can also create your own streaming channel by following the 'broadcaster' instructions on the TVU website.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Collection of Videos for the IPOD

It took me a while to figure out an efficient way to transcode my favorite kiting DVDs into a format that fit the Video IPOD. Here are a handful of them:

Mai Tai Kite Camp
Space Monkeys
UPWIND - the Launch of Kiteboarding

after downloading and placing them into the folder you want, (and merging if the files were big and split into two pieces), just go to itunes and go to "File" then "Add File to Library" and add it. It will synch if you have itunes set that way, or just drag the icon of the video when in the Movies Library to the icon representing your IPOD and it will be copied over.

Friday, July 18, 2008

FuerteVenture Kite Cam - Live (test)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fortune Magaine Covers Kiteboarding

and im doing a test post on Scribd...

Read this doc on Scribd: Fortune Kite article

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

test of

here's a vdieo from Fliqz - lets see how it fits w standard embed code...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Indoor Skydiving

A birthday girl, a vertical wind tunnel, and some friends... indoor skydiving at iFlySFBay ...

Stream by clicking on the name, or click on the button if you want the file:
James, Pascal and Instructor

Austin, Noemi, James & Ella

Nerissa & Mark

Bill & Michelle

Philip and Yvette

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tradebeam launch - test of HTML video embed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Bill Kiting, view form overhead 6Mpx digital still cam tied to kite 75 ft in the air

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Life in Silicon Valley

The EETimes ACE awards - awards for creativity and leadership in the field of electronics - were held last night at the Fairmont in San Jose. I had the honor of judging and getting a close up look at all the nominees and products.

Every year I attend this event I experience a reawakening. the pace of innovation is so strong and so consistent here, that after a few years, it's easy to mistake it for a background hummmmmm like the one I forget to hear when driving my 20 year old BMW.

At the awards I WAKE UP and am excitedly reminded of how unusual this place really is - and why I came here in the first place. Where else in the world will you find 1,000 people screaming and cheering louder than fans at a rock concert for an a 500 megasample per second A/D converter? or a squiggle motor? WHAT A GREAT PLACE THIS IS!!!! Thanks, EETimes for reminding me of why I came here in the first place.

Check out the nominees (grab the slider to pan & zoom) :

Large Company Innovator of the Year - NVidia
Small Company Innovator of the Year - Cambridge Silicon
Startup of the Year - Ruckus Wireless
Innovator of the Year - Wan Thai Hsu, discera

Most Likely to have impact
Commercial Technology - Innovative Silicon's ZRAM
Societal Impact - Magenti Morelli's flex fuel controller

Design Team of the Year - Clearshape Technologies
Most Promising New Technology - Intel & UCSB silicon photonics
Student of the Year - Michael Callahan U of Illinois
Educator of the Year - Belle Wei, SJSU

"Game Changing Product" awards :
E2V, Inc. - 500 Megasample/sec 12 bit a/d converter
Sandisk's - iNand
New Scale Technology - the SQUIGGLE motor
Actel - IGLOO programmable gate array
APC - pcmcia password manager
Qualcomm - qsc1100 chip
Pico technology - picoscope 2104/5

Exec of the year - chia song hwee, chartered semiconductor
Editors choice for creativity - Lee Felsenstein
EETimes President's award - Marty Gold
Lifetime Achivement award - Eric Lidow,International Rectifier

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

using Scribd

I ran into a really fun startup called SCRIBD that allows one to upload virtually any type of document in almost any file format to upload and share to the web. Here's an example of a word doc with text and .jpg files uploaded, converted to flash, and shared. Here is a doc on kiteboarding for 15 minutes in 40 MPH winds:

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Friday, December 22, 2006

If your DVD file is too big...

Once a DVD file is backed up onto your hard drive, it may be too big to print onto a DVD -R disc. If os, you might try THIS software, which will allow you to compress it down into a 4.7 gig disk. the SW also allows remixing and has other interesting features.