Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hack - MP3 storage and playback from Google Pages

Can I stream mp3 ? this is an mp3 file

test - turning Google Pages into a webserver to my blog for some of my files. it appears to take a fair amount of time to download enough of the file to start playing (but it DOES allow streaming / progressive download) before booting a player.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Download speed comparison

These clickthroughs will compare the same file, served in 2 ways:

Here is test file A - from a home PC, upstream limit of 128K. No limit on file size. No limitations on file format. Zip file delivered. Higher security; more clicks.

Here is a test file G - from a hack turing google pages into a file server for my blog. No Zip or unzip required. Bitrate limited by user downstream. Issues : limits on file sizes and aggregate space available. Difficult interface to manage files for the adminstrator. downloads dont always work for big files for some reason. need to debug.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kiteboarding Venezuela

This tests an embedded player, streaming a chapter from a 'Spacemonkeys' DVD re-encoded into wmv format, uploaded to Akamai, played back in Flash9 format, via VideoEgg

Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogger is BLOCKED in some countries

This note can't be read in some countries. Here is a test of a proxy server that should be able to blow through the GREAT fireWALL-

An embedded link will look like this: Banned KiteBlog - click here

Flash Austin in UPWIND ; player modified

Here I have modified some parameters of the flashplayer.

UPWIND DVD chapter 12 - Flash Austin

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog Widgets

Here's a site will lots of goodies - things to add to your blog...

AVVENU to DVD content for my friends

Draft post on sharing a FULL DVD -- can;t email it, BUT, I can make it available for a 'trickle download' off my HDD using AVVENU. In this case, ill only put up thw wmv format, but i'll know w/n I can share full DVD files.

Ever try to email a DVD file?!?!? Haaaahhh..... impossible. Here's a solution for SHARING a MOVIE. I can use AVVENU to allow a friend to download a DVD right off my hard drive at home.
Here is the cover art for the movie - called UPWIND - The Launch of Kiteboarding.

This movie was produced and freely distributed by RED BULL, who has been the sponsor of the "King of the Air" contest in maui ever since the contest began. The DVD covers the evolution of the sport, the equipment, and the riders from that vantage point, providing insight from people like Robby Naish, Shawn Richman, Flash Austin,and Susi Mai, among many others who were there, are there, and have been there from the beginning of the sport as we know it. I have fond memories of the first board I ever bought which was a Naish "Flash Austin signature model" so I'm putting that chapter of the DVD up for download. This particular chapter ends abruptly, so remember that - your file structure is fine...

I have 2 versions of that chapter (.wmv - 18M and DVD - 270M) available. 270M will take 40 minutes at 100kbps uplink speed. If you click windows media format you can download a file that will play on your PC in a standard media player. If you click DVD File you can download a DVD file. In either case, click on 'download' (upper right) and it will come down to your PC in a zip file. Unzip it to a new folder and you can either play it by opening windows media player and using "file, open". Enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

test of an AVVENU to content - pdf file

I have embedded a link that allows a reader to connect to my home PC hard drive to retrieve a pdf file -- Done by using AVVENU remote access and taking the link share and stuffing into the html "href=".
the link for the file is : Kiteboarding article