Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Hacks - using Gmail as a web server

All of this is built on the free storage in my GMAIL acct

download / stream? this is an avi file If logged into mail account, and 'open or save' is presented. Selecting open results in a download. no progressive streaming.

download / stream? this is a quicktime file 'open or save' is presented, 'open' produces a zip file to click on. Apparently, no streaming.

download / pdf file? this is a pdf file same as above

view pdf file ? view pdf as html long delay, then a viewer WITHOUT images comes up, with an option presented to download the file.

view word doc? this is a word doc - view as html very straightforward, fast presentation of text, with an option to download.

download word doc? download word doc straight, fast 'open or save'. 'open' presents the full document.

download notepad txt file? this is a note pad file just like above.

view notepad txt file? this is a note pad file delay, then presentation in a reader; no 'save as' or 'download' function.

download mp3? this is an mp3 file 'open or save' presented. 'open' produces a download then my default player opens.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Waterproof Camera in Video Mode

pentax w 10

test of the camera in video mode, test of w/n i can kite with 1 hand and film, and test of VideoEgg HTML generator for Blogger