Saturday, April 22, 2006

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Startups previously funded

8x8 is still a public company traded as NASD:EGHT

Shut Down! - Read All About It!!

AURAVISION, later renamed Skytune, was acquired by Broadlogic Corp in a private to private transaction.

Award went public as NASD:AWRD and later merged with Pheonix Technologies (NASD:PTEC)

Creative is still a public company traded as NASD:CREAF

Centrum was acquired by 3COM (NASD:COMS) to become their Wan Access product line

Shut Down! Read All About It!!!

iAsiaWorks (NASD:IAWK)went public with an amazing syndicate of Goldman, Morgan, and Solomon, but like many infrastructure companies in the datacenter business, coudl not cover overhead in the 1.0 collapse and liquidated.

ICWorks was acquired by Cypress Semiconductor (nyse:CY) and became CY's silicon clock business.

ImGo became a listed company on the HKSE, ticker 0067, and was ultimately taken over by a raider in 2002.  Subsequently, he was arrested for fraudulently manipulating the stock price!

IPinfusion was acquired by Access Corp of Japan (TSE:4813).

ISSI (integrated silicon solutions inc., NASD:ISSI) is still a public company in the memory business

Microchip (NASD:MCHP)is still a public company and has been a 40X as a public company from its IPO market cap.

NCompass Labs was acquired by Microsoft to help create .NET

Network Peripherals went public as NASD:NPIX and was later acquired by FalconStor to create a networked storage product line

Premisys went public as NASD:PRMS and was acquired by Zhone Technologies

RLX was acquired by Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ) to be it's Blade Computing product line

Radcom went public as NASD:RDCMF

RasterGraphics went public (NASD:RGFX), then was later acquired by Gretag Corp

S3 went public(NASD:SIII) as a leader in graphics chips.  It later acquired the assets of Diamond Multimedia to become Sonic Blue (NASD:SBLU), which no longer exists.

ShareVision was a videoconfrencing systems company acquired by Creative Labs - im still looking for a logo!!

SlimDevices was acquired by Logitech (NASD:LOGI)to become their streaming audio division

Terayon went public under the symbol NASD:TERN

Vadem is now a private IP holding company with IP in three areas.

Vitesse went public (NASD:VTSS) as a GaAs array company and later become a leader in comms ICs and is still a public company

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